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Are you looking for a game that both challenges your mind and brings bustling fun? Jun88 scratch cards, also known as red and black cards, are a great choice. With its long history and widespread popularity, scratch cards have become one of the favorite games of many people around the world.

Jun88 Scratch Cards Attractive Red and Black Game for All Ages

Learn about Jun88 scratch cards

What is Jun88 installation?

Scratch card, also known by the luxurious name Baccarat in famous casinos, is a red and black card game with a strong traditional mark and unique difference. Its origin comes from a classic deck of cards consisting of 52 cards, each player will be dealt three cards to start the battle to try their luck.

Jun88 Scratch Cards Attractive Red and Black Game for All Ages

Popular types of Jun88 scratch cards today

Currently, scratch cards have attractive playing genres

Scratch cards are a colorful world, with many different playing styles, bringing interesting and challenging experiences. Currently, there are up to 6 types of scratch cards that are popular and widely popular among the player community:

  • 6-card card game: As the name suggests, this type uses 6 cards to play, bringing intense games and requiring quick calculation skills.

  • Bet Lien – Scratch Cards – 3 cards: A game combining Lieng and scratch cards, requiring players to use both luck and strategy to win.

  • Compensation card: This type offers a special game rule, where players have the opportunity to make up the money lost in the previous game.

  • High-Low Card: The name evokes the image of a duel over the value of cards, with players having to predict whether the next card will be higher or lower than the current card.

  • Scratch card: A variation of traditional scratch card, with separate rules and requiring high concentration from the player.

  • Play 3 poker cards: Finally, this type brings an interesting experience by using only 3 cards to play, creating quick and thrilling games.

    Jun88 Scratch Cards Attractive Red and Black Game for All Ages

Terms you need to know when playing Jun88 scratch cards

When participating in playing Jun88 scratch cards, you need to clearly understand the necessary terms

When entering the world of scratch cards, mastering specific terms will help you become a true master. Here are the key concepts that any player cannot ignore:

  • Banker – Different from many other games, in Jun88 scratch card, players have the right to choose the role of dealer or not. If everyone refuses, the system will randomly assign one person to do it.

  • Betting – A bright spot in this game is that players are free to decide the initial bet level. They can bet 5 or 10 times the base level, creating dramatic games.

    Jun88 Scratch Cards Attractive Red and Black Game for All Ages

  • Drama – This term is reminiscent of equally intense cockfights. Players have the right to choose whether to contribute or not, the amount of contribution is equal to the initial bet. The winner will receive all prize money from the participants.

  • View cards – After dealing the cards, the player will calculate the total score of the 3 cards. If the total is greater than 10, only the units are counted, bringing fairness and attractiveness to the game.

  • Compare cards – This is the step that determines victory or defeat. Players will compete against each other by comparing the total points on their cards and those of their opponents.

Jun88 scratch card game rules

The rules of playing Jun88 card game are extremely simple

To become a true master in the Jun88 scratch card industry, the most important thing is to master the basic rules of the game. These rules are not merely a mandatory requirement, but also the golden key to open the path to outstanding success.

Jun88 Scratch Cards Attractive Red and Black Game for All Ages

Number of players

In a traditional casino environment, when participating in Jun88 scratch cards in the form of 3-card scratch cards, the number of players usually ranges from 2 to 6 people. However, the key thing is to make sure each person is dealt 3 cards, creating fairness and tension for each game.

In the online world, scratch card players are divided into two distinct factions: house and house, opening up opportunities for many people to participate without having to stop the game to place bets.

Scoring rules

The scoring rules in Jun88 scratch cards are designed with simplicity but no less sophistication. The highest total score of the 3 cards is 9, while the lowest is 0. Ace (A) is counted as 1 point, 10, J, Q, K are all worth 10 points.

In special cases, if the total score of 3 cards is greater than 10, only take the points in the units place, making 1 the smallest score and 9 the largest.

Ranking in scratch cards

In the world of Jun88 scratch cards, there are some special decks of cards that are considered higher than the score of 9, creating a unique difference and appeal for the game. That is:

  • Wax: Three identical cards, in which the trio of Aces (A) is the largest.

  • Lieng: A set of three cards with consecutive values such as 2, 3, 4 or 5, 6, 7.

  • Scratch card: Three consecutive human-shaped cards J, Q, K. The player who owns this deck of cards will be considered to have won the game immediately, just like the name scratch card.


Jun88 scratch card is an attractive and interesting red and black game, suitable for all ages. With simple rules, you can easily get started and challenge your skills. However, remember to play responsibly and manage your finances wisely. Wishing you success and joy in!


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